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Testimonials: Testimonials

Over a year ago, I adopted a dog from the Solvang Humane Society.  I was told that the dog had been running wild, up until three days before I adopted the dog.
 Since she had no previous training and was not “house broken,” I hired Happy Dog to come to my home to train my dog for basic obedience, pottie training, and behavior correction training.  I have been very satisfied with the training and the results achieved.

KLP - Solvang, CA

Cutie Pie ~ Dachsund mix

October 2021

I have had the pleasure of knowing Gem Rillwell for 21 years. During the years of our acquaintance, I have known Ms. Rillwell in many capacities. Gem has been a client of mine and I have found her to be professional and caring. Not only with her own animals but, all animals. Over the years, she has shown to have an understanding of how veterinary care works and has always demonstrated great communication skills not just with doctors but with my entire staff.   I have also found Gem to be compassionate.  She has always been patient and empathetic with others around her and has proven this in my own practice with other clients. She is committed to helping those around her. She is a true “animal lover”.   In short, I would recommend Gem as a loving, and trustworthy person who can be relied upon. I am sure she will prove to be a valuable asset.

Michael Pitt D.V.M. - Mid Valley Veterinary Hospital - Van Nuys, Calif.

I hired Gem Rillwell to train my 4 month old German Shepherd puppy, Bud, 21 years ago.  For years, Gem helped me take care of Bud whenever I went out of town for days or weeks at a time. She also helped me take care of Bud, in terms of his physical comfort, over the span of his life.  When it was time to put Bud to sleep for quality of life purposes in his later years, Gem held Bud’s head in her lap, outside on the grass, while my veterinarian administered appropriate care.

Gem is an engaging person who loves to work with dogs.  She has a special gift with German Shepherds and also with rescued or adopted German Shepherds. After Bud made his transition, she trained my second German Shepherd, Bud Bud, a 1 ½ year old female whom I adopted from one of the German Shepherd rescues.

Gem did an excellent job training both of my German Shepherds and helping me take care of them over the years. I find her to be efficient, kind and loyal, with lots of understanding of this breed of dog.  I highly recommend her.

Rev. Warren Rouse, OFM - Malibu, CA

German Shepherds

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials

Gem was very good about getting to know both me and my young puppy, Tioga, and recognizing what our specific needs were.
Therefore, instead of just a class whereby basic commands were memorized, the sessions became an educational and enjoyable experience for both of us. 

Gem is very patient, and her methods were firm, but kind and fun! Gem recognized Tioga’s attention span limits as a puppy and interspersed the lessons with play time.  Gem taught me how to truly communicate with Tioga, and Tioga still remembers the disciplines and respects my requests for obedience a year later... which makes me so proud of her!

When Gem visits for her follow up lessons, Tioga is thrilled to see her, which speaks volumes about Gem’s gentle nature and real love of her profession and her doggy clients...  Tioga is truly a “Happy Dog”!

Barbara McMullin - Santa Barbara, CA

Tioga - Golden Doodle

November 2021

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